New feature: Label your items with Tags

Here’s a new feature for Marcombox called ‘Tags’. You can use this feature to assign one or more labels to your items like product, campaign or anything you may need it for.

Let’s take an example: I have a new product going out to market which is targeted for multiple market segments. To incorporate the market segment information I can easily take advantage of the Tags field by adding it to the Product structure.

Add a new product

Add a new product

I can then assign the relevant segments to this product. And later on I can search for all products that belong to certain market segments (filter by tags is in our roadmap).

Here I begin with a two-step process starting with the Products list configuration:

Go to Products list configuration to add Tags field

Go to Products list configuration to add Tags field

Step 1: I will add a Tags field for market segments. Then define the segments as Retail, SMB, Public and Enterprise.  Now that we have all segments in place, I will save & close the configuration and return to the new product.

Tag field - 3 - product structure with segments new

Step 2: Getting back to my product item I can see that the market segment field is already available and I will assign three segments to this product which it is targeted for.

tags field - 4 - add segments to product new

We hope you liked this feature and will find it useful in your journey with Marcombox.

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